COREP & FINREP are with us under the CRDIV and, in the main, there are not many significant differences for a firm to adjust to.

The fact that you are reading this page probably means you have found one of the most infuriating.

GABRIEL reporting for CRDIV firms now requires two of the data items, FSA003 and FSA008, to be completed in an xbrl format.

The problem is that a single licence for xbrl can be as much as £5000 per year and you will need access to such a licence if you want to carry on completing these data items yourself.

The solution is to outsource either all your GABRIEL reporting or just the xbrl data items.

We can put you in touch with a service provider who can turn your management accounts into the correct format and submit them on your behalf – all for a very reasonable, cost effective price and one far lower than the actual xbrl licence fee alone.

Let us introduce you to this service provider, which we believe is the cheapest available, and your xbrl problems will disappear as quickly as they appeared.

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