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No one company can offer the best most cost effective solution to every compliance requirement so Pragmatic Compliance Consultants have researched the available resource in the marketplace and found different suppliers for each potential service offering.

FCA Authorisation

Firms and individuals can only conduct regulated financial activities in the UK if they are authorised by the financial Conduct Authority. Let us introduce you to compliance consultants that has been getting firms authorised for over twenty years and have yet to have their first failure.


Pragmatic Compliance consultancy approach compliance in a totally different new way. No one firm can offer the best solution for every compliance problem, most having specialist areas of expertise.

Health Check

Whether you have an urgent requirement because of FCA pressure or whether you just feel that, with all the new legislation being implemented, that you would just like some guidance, Pragmatic Compliance Consultants has the service offering for you.

Other Services

Whether you need a full check up across the whole spectrum of compliance or you just need a 'Treating Customers Fairly' review or a 'Client Money review' we know where the best service offering is available.

We have a professional team ready to respond to your requirements.

What do you have to lose by sending an email or giving us a call?

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The Pragmatic guide to FCA Authorisation

  Our Infographic goes into the details of whether or not you need to be FCA Authorision. It’s always worth g

37 days to Christmas but only 14 days to the new CASS client money segregation rules.

The segregated status letters have changed and now need to be of an exact format and in place by 01/12/2014. See PS14/9

Our Services

    • Compliance health check
    • FCA financial returns (GABRIEL)
    • FCA authorisation
    • Compliance manuals
    • Compliance documentation
    • Trade reporting
    • Ongoing compliance consultants support
    • AIFMD – Authorisation and ongoing compliance
    • Financial audits
    • Monitoring programmes
    • Compliance documentation
    • EMIR
    • ESMA
    • SEF and FATCA advice
  • Our legal team provide confidential help, exactly the level of advice and support you need with fixed fee pricing from our specialist consultants.
    • Day to day advice
    • Investigations
    • Equality and diversity
    • Employee relations
    • Mediation
    • Job evaluation
    • Pay and benefits
    • + much more!